Over 20 courses available

We have courses in all the standard programs in Office365, just as we have courses about Office Pro+ and Windows 10. With our courses, you and your employees can, among other things, gain the following competencies:

• Flexible and dialog-based collaboration with Microsoft Teams
• Modern, personalized file management with OneDrive for Business
• Easy, joint task management with Planner
• Notes in a smart way with OneNote
• Gain insight into the many features of Windows 10
Office suite introductions

We have more than 20 courses and they are all available in both Danish and English.

Ongoing course updates

In ProActive, we have many years of experience in using cloud tools, and we therefore know that updates are constantly coming to the programs. It is important that users know about the new features, which is why our courses are "Evergreen". This means that as the individual IT tools change (and they continuously do), our courses follow - it is part of our service.