Implementation: Days or weeks … never months

It should not be difficult to learn new things. It should not be difficult to get a suitable learning portal.

We have 3 standard solutions - Gold, Silver and Bronze - all of which are easy to establish and start using. Our solutions do not require you to install a server or keep anything up-to-date. You just have to choose the solution type, so we can have a solution ready for you within 4-6 working days. 

If you choose a Gold solution, this period is a bit longer and involves training you and some of your colleagues so that you can add your own courses yourself.
Contact us to learn more about your options; it is absolutely non-committal. And remember that you can jump from one solution to another at any time. Go from "Bronze" to "Silver" or "Silver" to "Gold" at your own pace.
Learn more about the different solutions.


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