Learning Portal

Learning portal

Available standard IT tools are often far from being fully utilized. In many cases, this is partly due to lack of knowledge about the advantages of the tools and appropriate training in using them correctly.
We want to change that. 

With our learning portal you can systemize the training and offer unlimited access to courses in standard tools for all your employees. With the courses in the learning portal you can offer training in Danish and let everyone learn new things when it suits them. There is no need for major logistic coordination's and a heavy drain on resources. Once access is established, a link is all that is required. It couldn't be easier.

Easy to use

First of all, our learning portal is easy to use. Our courses are at introductory level, we do not use difficult IT-professional expressions and the system itself is simple and user-friendly. And yes, users should not have a new password and user name also makes it easy.

Continuous functional updates

We regularly update our learning portal with new features and of course keep our standard courses updated. We believe that this should apply to all learning portals.